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A charming example of a Cotswold stone home with the soft rustic tones of chopped building stone mixed with the crisp lines of Cotswold stone masonry dressings rounds off this beautiful New build in the North Cotswolds.

Chequerstone Homes


In this sympathetic Cotswold development, the original pub was taken down, and another one built in its place, along with housing behind.

Thanks to the traditional chopped Cotswold building stone we supplied, the village street flows seamlessly into new buildings and before long will seem to have been there forever.

Manor House Hotel – Castle Combe


An aura of timelessness was much needed. Our Cotswold building stone with its rustic, slightly irregular surface is perfect for this and gives the building’s surface a stunning texture and colour, which will get even better with the years.

Westbury Homes Lechlade


In an enormous development of many newly built homes, character is often sadly lacking. But thanks to the gorgeous natural texture of our traditional chopped Cotswold building stone, this need is addressed. The homes instantly acquire the look and feel of traditionally built Cotswold homes.

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